Explanations about the core ethics of Ground Food’s corporate culture

The 12 Business Principles of Ground Food

1.Precise Mutual Career Dream

A lofty Career Dream co-established by the Company and Staffs

2.Establishment of Clear Goal

A Clear Strategy Goal, Sharing with Employees

3.The Cherish of Strong Will to Succeed

A Strong Will to Succeed embedded in Subconsciousness

4.Spend Efforts Greater Than Anyone Else

Work Step by Step and Endeavour Continuously

5.Maximising Revenue and Minimising Cost

Profitability Comes Naturally by Making Ends Meet rather than Forcing

6.Pricing is Operating

Pricing is the Responsibility of Leaderships. A good price should sit on the cross where customers are happy to accept and the company can make a profit.

7.Operation Depends on Strong Will

Business Operations Require Strong Wills and Lasting Patience

8.Flaming Fighting Spirit

Business Operations Require Strong Fighting Wills Greater than Any Combat Fields

9.Be Brave to Face Challenges

Behave Fearless, and Stride Bravely

10.Continuously Working on Creative Works

Day After Day, Year After Year. Continuously Stick with Reformation and Innovation. Emphasise on Creativity

11.Act with Honesty and Pursue Mutual Success

Business is a Two-Way Interaction. It can last only by Making Everyone Happy including the Counterparty.

12. Cherishing Dreams, Optimistic, and Honest

Never Give Up Dreams. Be Positive. Act Honestly.

The 6 Behaving Principles of Ground Food

1.Spend Efforts Greater Than Anyone Else

It will bring us fruitful accomplishments if we are addicted to works and spend efforts greater than anyone else.

2.Being Modest, not Pride

Successful people are those who cherish flaming enthusiasms and fighting wills and in the meantime act modestly. We shall never forget modest even if we succeed.

3.Reflecting Oneself Everyday

“Am I too pride?” “Did I make anyone unhappy?” “Did I act abjectly?” “Am I too selfish?” If we reflect our sayings and behaviours every day to decide whether they are in line with the correct principles, we will be able to restrain evils in our heart and illuminate our spirit with kindness.

4.Living with Thankfulness

One man can never live all by himself. We can live because of the support from external environment. We should be thankful for everything that we own, and express our thankfulness by saying “Thank you” or smiles. By doing so we will be able to make ourselves and other people more peaceful and happy.

5.Act with Kindness and Altruism

In nature it does exist with the principle of Karma. We should think with kindness and behave with kindness. Kindness means geniality, honesty, integrity, and modesty, etc. These are also basic values that a man should have. One’s destiny will evolve to a better direction if he think and act with kindness.

6.Get Rid of Emotional Troubles

Everyone will fail. It is in failure that we grow stronger. As long as we deeply reflected ourselves after failures, we should not be troubled with them. We have to pass on to new beginning, start a new live. This is very important.