“Milkground”Little Cheese Cow Seriesseries

“Milkground”Little Cheese Cow Series

Ground food has been insisting with the business philosophy of “Integrate global resources, share Chinese market” and sticking to the core value of “Customer-concentrated, striver-based, integrity with gratitude, and practicability with progress”, The com

Ground Vision

We fulfil the entire staffs’ material and spiritual happiness. And in the meantime, we contribute to the healthiness of Chinese people and society development.
Customers: We manufacture healthy and safe products for customers. We provide detailed and considerate professional services. We empower consumers to fully enjoy the ultimate happiness in product experience, leading a beautiful and delicate quality life.
Employees: We build up an open, simple, joyful, and humanised working environment for employees. We provide the staffs with a development space to incentivise personality and healthy growth. We build up a career platform for staffs to present themselves and improve beyond limit. We activate dreams, empower lives, and create everything possible along the road to achieving and sharing.

Ground’s Mission

Based on featured dairy, we endeavour to become the cheese expert to fulfil the demand by Chinese people.
We devote ourselves into developing featured dairy with a focus on cheese as our core products. We continuously improve technology and research level, develop innovative products, so that we can satisfy the growing demand for health by Chinese people. And in the meantime, we continuously grow stronger, becoming a famous brand in dairy industry.
We cherish the mindset to accommodate all kinds of opinions, yet we take the social responsibility to benefit people throughout the country. We stick with the spirit of hard working, focusing on leading innovative technologies in the industry. We advocate the customer conception of surmounting values, realising beautiful and happy employees’ dreams. We aim to build a respected century-old enterprise with continuous profitability.

The core values of Ground

Customer-Centred and Striver-Based
Customers’ demand is the soul of corporate development. We make customer satisfaction as the principle to measure all kinds of work, pursuing to maximise customers’ benefit. Strivers are those who endeavour to create values for customers. We respect efforts and hard works. And we build up a career platform for strivers, enabling strivers to grow and gain.
We speak honestly, act honestly, and be honest persons. We will act if we say we will, and we will accomplish if we have acted. We cherish the good will of repaying, paying back all that we can for even a very little favour. We stand firmly on the ground and pay attention to practical. We advocate learning and explore innovations. We eradicate negative opinions, conservation, and stagnations.

Ground Food

Ground Food was founded in 1998. During the past over 20 years, we had grown from a local largest company into a listed group of companies.

Cooperative message

We build up a growth space for business partners, establishing a mutual career dream. We affirm mutual values and beliefs, fostering the accomplishment for each other with the good wish of a mutual success.
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